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SPACE& MARK LLC specializes in contemporary and traditional residential architecture, including ground-up construction, home additions and renovations. Led by New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY) licensed architect Hayk Ekshian, we believe successful residential architecture is largely informed by the users and should enhance their way of living. As such, each residential project is regarded as an opportunity to create a unique set of spatial relationships for each client and site.

We are fully invested in contributing something to the built environment that looks, feels, and performs even better then you could have hoped. We are proud that our energy, end product and experience makes many of our clients come back to us with new projects, or recommend us to others.

How can SPACE& MARK LLC Add Value to Your Investment

Quality of Design is the single most important added benefit of having one of our architects on board your project! Home owners pay more for a houses with a more attractive curb appeal, rooms with plenty of sunlight, and efficient and effective layouts as better designed houses sell faster. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that the longer homes stay on the market, the further their prices drop.

Better design does not necessarily mean expensive materials or construction. Better design can be as simple as proper composition of materials, colors, proportions and alignments of building elements, transition and location of spaces - in essence, we'll perform all the little tricks that one conscientiously doesn't think about but feel in their minds as this works!

It pays to consider as many design options as early as possible. With each design study, an architect in essence is presenting a different end product. Only after considering all the major design options presented by the architect, can one make the best decision. Down the line, concrete decisions made early on during design phase will reduce change orders during construction and ensure that the homeowner gets the most valuable property with the least spending on construction.

We express the tangible added value of good design in dollar signs. However, the intangible or unquantifiable added value of good design is the improved quality of living and its positive effects on the resident psyche – basically, there is a price for everything, but the health of your soul is priceless

Don't Make The Number One Mistake In Construction!

Design and Plan With An Architect

Real estate investment is an expensive proposition. Most clients will be spending more money on a construction project than on any other investment. Therefore, its very important to plan and not rush through the design process. It'd be a shame to spend your money and energy on an inferior design.

Lack of upfront planing and analysis had been the culprit behind cost overruns and delays throughout history. As a project moves along from the design phase to construction, the opportunity to make design changes diminishes and the cost of any plausible changes rise rapidly. Having to discover a better design solution during construction would be devastating to your pocket book.

Investing more in an architect to explore design options at the beginning of your project will pay off by eliminating change orders and adding value to your investment. With an architect's expert guidance, you will make informed decisions with confidence and reach a desired outcome on time and on budget! Contact us to review your goals and options!

Make Smart Money Decisions When Hiring an Architect

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring the cheapest architect. We spend considerable amount of time educating our clients that the cheap option is almost never the lowest price. In fact, picking the cheap option could turn out to be the most disastrous business decision in a highly leveraged investment instrument like real estate.

Before hiring an architect consider the following complaints that we hear about some of our competitors:

My previous architect had taken too long to complete the drawings. He is unresponsive and I am losing money paying interest on my home construction loans.

Architects who charge less will be in high demand for their low prices, but also will have to complete more projects in order to make ends meet. If your architect has not responded to your inquires, its most likely that they are busy with the projects of another client.

My previous architect overbuilt the structure. I spent thousands of dollars on LVL beams.

In most cases this type of a complaint is unfounded. But its true that an inexperienced architect may overbuild or not know various construction techniques that could lower the cost of construction.

My previous architect made a mistake and its costing me a lot of money

From time to time architects make mistakes but an architect who is either inexperienced or working over capacity has more of a chance to make mistakes.

Investors should be cognizant of the fact that a better quality design will increase home values and sell quicker. Virtually in all cases, investors will receive higher return on their investment by investing a little more on a better architect and better design.

How is SPACE& MARK LLC Able to Provide Low Prices without Hindering Quality of Service?

Advancements in technology have been single most important aspect of business that has improved productivity, reduced prices and increased quality of service. Ask your architect if they use the latest version of a BIM software. “BIM”, short for Building Information Modeling, has been more prevalent in the architecture industry since 2008. However, many architectural offices are still resistant to making the transition to the best tools of the trade due to the high learning curve associated with these programs. In the past, architect's generated each elevation and floor plan separately, but with the use of a BIM software such as Revit or Vectorworks, architects are able to provide technical drawings derived from a 3D model. Not only this process speeds up production, it also reduces the number of errors substantially.

Another aspect of business that reduces prices is specialization. Considerable amount of an architect's time is spent researching building codes, drawing details or writing specifications that instruct the contractor how to build a project. In order to save time, architects usually edit and reuse typical details from previous projects. Overtime, this process generates error free typical details and specifications. And, given enough time, an architectural office will have an arsenal of typical details that can be copied and pasted as required.

SPACE& MARK LLC specializes in small and medium size residential projects in NJ. In 2014 we had made the transition to Vectorworks, the best BIM software program in the market for small and medium size projects. The software has increased our productivity so much that each year we invest in the most current version of Vectorworks to receive the added benefits.

NJ Architects SPACE& MARK LLC - How to work with us:

Our ultimate goal is to offer the best design option for our client’s lifestyle while providing a pleasant experience throughout the design process. That requires a lot of listening on our part, as we aim to fully understand the project, and then your feedback on our proposed options. We find that communicating our thoughts through drawings, sketches and 3D models transforms those ideas into a custom designed home perfectly tailored to our client's lifestyle.

Get to know SPACE& MARK LLC by reviewing our completed residential projects and reading the latest news on our blog. If you are a developer or homeowner seeking NJ or NY licensed architect, SPACE& MARK LLC looks forward to connecting with you.

SPACE& MARK LLC provides residential design services to Northern New Jersey communities, including, but not limited to: Hoboken, Jersey City, Westfield, Ridgewood, Montclair, Paramus, Chatham, Summit, Glen Rock, Millburn, Verona, Cranford, Springfield, Short Hills, Plainfield, Clark, Livingston.